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International Creative Jam – Gijón – April 3-5, 2019

The objective of the Creative Jam in Gijón was an ambitious prototyping to change cities and make them more sustainable. Ideas want to change the living environment of all young Europeans, and Europe needs to take note of their ideas to create a clean, green and sustainable continent.

The second International Creative Jam of the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs AYCH Project, took place in the city of Gijón (Spain), in mid-2018.
Bringing together more than a hundred young people and experts from all over Europe, the 3-day event featured multidisciplinary spaces, in which training, talks and group work took place in transnational and intergenerational environments. Seeking to stimulate entrepreneurship, creativity and conflict resolution in young people of different ages, backgrounds and training levels.

The jam featured a first day of discovering the city and creating teams in a dynamic way, which served as a first contact with the Design Thinking methodology used in the AYCH project. Followed by a second day with a total of 18 workshops taught by international experts, divided into 3 categories: Creative, Business and Digital. The young attendees were able to attend a total of 3 workshops (one from each category), learn, show their doubts and work actively. The last day was based on a Hackathon, in which the young people worked in heterogeneous and transnational teams, creating prototypes and presenting them to a jury of international experts.


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